GDC proposes local youth training partnership on geothermal resource development

GDC proposes local youth training partnership on geothermal resource development GDC presenting training partnership proposal to Baringo County Government (source: Baringo County Government)
Alexander Richter 28 Aug 2017

Kenya's Geothermal Development Company reaches out to local government in Baringo, Kenya for a partnership in training youth on geothermal resource development.

As reported by the Baringo County Government, Kenya’s Geothermal Development Company is seeking a partnership with Baringo Government in training youth on Geothermal Resource Development

The Geothermal Development Company – GDC has Monday presented a proposal to Baringo County Government towards jointly funding the training of 400 youth from the county on geothermal resource Development over the next five years.

Speaking in his office in Kabarnet when he received the proposed partnership document , Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis welcomed the move saying an accelerated development of human resource is not only necessary but very important.

The governor offered that equipping the youth with relevant skills in this field will create a pool of experts to draw personnel from while preparing the youth for jobs locally and within the region.”

“This venture is noble. Apart from contributing significantly to the realization of cheap, clean, sustainable and reliable energy in the region, training our youth means an availability of competent personnel who can take up opportunities arising locally, in the region and even internationally and therefore reduce unemployment.” Said Kiptis.

Governor Kiptis appealed to communities living in geothermal rich areas of the Baringo County to maintain peace and live harmoniously with their neighbours so that the fruits of the partnership are realized sooner. He commended the state owned company for their contribution in infrastructural development particularly in Tiaty Sub County.

GDCs General Manager- Strategy, Research and Innovation Dr. George Mwongela Muia who handed over the proposal said the planned trainings shall cover the breadth of geothermal resource development from exploration, development to utilization.

“Trainers for these programmes shall be drawn from GDC. The company has expertise in all the proposed programmes. We have necessary experience having trained persons from within the region in priority skills in this field in the last eight years.” Said Mwongela.

Source: Baringo County Government