Geodynamics continues drilling operations at Jolokia project, Australia

Geothermal drilling rig at Jolokia, Australia (source: Geodynamics)
Alexander Richter 16 Jul 2010

Geodynamics as operator of the Innamincka Deeps joint venture in partnership with Origin Energy commences operations at Jolokia to complete the well, fracture the granite and create the EGS system.

In a release, “Geodynamics Limited, as Operator of the Innamincka ‘Deeps’ Joint Venture, in partnership with Origin Energy,reports that operations have commenced at Jolokia to complete the well, fracture the granite and create a geothermal reservoir.

Rig 100 has re-entered Jolokia 1 and has successfully drilled through the cement plug set in September 2008. The well has been cleaned and Geodynamics is undertaking scheduled logging to check the condition of the well.

The Joint Venture is currently preparing to run 7 inch completion casing into the well. After the casing is set, the hydraulic fracture stimulation program will commence with the objective of creating an underground heat exchanger at Jolokia, which is 9 km from the Habanero location.

Successful fracturing of the granite at Jolokia will demonstrate the ability of Geodynamics to create heat exchangers across its tenement areas – a major step towards validating the geological model. It will mark a significant milestone in the overall work plan and will be the first milestone in the ‘Deeps’ forward work program announced in April 2010.

The stimulation program is planned to commence in late July and will run through August. Results from hydraulic stimulation activities will be recorded by Geodynamics’ seismic monitoring network located at Habanero, Jolokia and Savina.

Following the stimulation of Jolokia 1, operations are planned to return to Habanero for the drilling of two more wells and the commissioning of the 1 MW Pilot Plant. The overarching objective of the work program is to position the Joint Venture to be able to make the final investment decision regarding development of the 25 MW Commercial Demonstration Plant.”

Source: company announcement via