Geotermia Andina to evaluate 5 areas for development in Argentina

Salta, Los Cardones National Park, Argentina (source: flickr/ vtveen, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 31 Dec 2012

Geotermia Andina is going to explore 5 additional areas for geothermal development in addition to its Despoblados project in San Juan, Argentina.

Reported by ThinkGeoEnergy’s Spanish language sister site, Geotermia Andina is going to explore 5 possible locations for geothermal development in the area of San Juan, Argentina.

We reported earlier this year that Geotermia Andina has signed a letter of intent with Barrick Gold Corp . development of geothermal project in San Juan, Argentina.

Following this project, the company now plans to evaluate five other areas located in the Valle del Cura area that could have potential for future development. These areas are: Chollay, San Crispin, Casa Pintada, Ciciliano y Los bañitos .

Ana Saladin, President of  Geothermia Andina SA. said “fields are less educated but understood by previous geological surveys that belong to the same space Despoblados geothermal, which is what is at the forefront and therefore expectations have also marked those places”.

A map of the location of the project

To read the rest of the story can access their original source: Diario de Cuyo.