Geothermal as hope and job solution for troubled oilpatch

Oilsands operations of Suncor, Canada (source: flickr/ jasonwoodhead23, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 18 Apr 2016

In a recent article in an oil publication, Alison Thompson of CanGEA describes what she sees as the opportunities that geothermal energy could provide to the troubled oil sector in Alberta, Canada.

A recent article in the Daily Oil Bulletin, looks into the role geothermal energy could help bring hope and jobs to the trouble oilpatch in Canada.

In the article, Alison Thompson, co-founder and Executive Director of Canadian Geothermal Energy Association describes her view on how the oil

In Alberta, the greatest potential lies in that combination, through the use of either the plethora of existing oil and gas wells or the province’s extensive knowledge base of its subsurface—gained through decades of oil and gas exploration—to drill fit-for-purpose geothermal wells into the highest potential reservoirs of hot fluids.

That opportunity is vast, she insists, and could be tapped right now, putting laid-off oilfield workers back to work.

So while she sees challenges in convincing large energy companies to engage, she sees a particular opportunity in the data of the 400,000 wells drilled in Alberta today. While not all of them are active today, a lot of them could be utilised for smaller plants producing geothermal power.

The article goes into a lot more detail on the different opportunities in the context of Alberta, Canada. To read more use link below.

Source: Daily Oil Bulletin