Geothermal Energy in the State of Montana/ U.S. – information website

State of Montana - Information Website on geothermal energy (screenshot)
Alexander Richter 13 Jun 2018

The State of Montana in the U.S. maintains an informative information website with details on about 50 geothermal sites in the state.

The State of Montana in the United States maintains an informative information website on geothermal energy in the state. It provides not only a fact sheet, a regulatory roadmap and an index of environmental permits, but also details on 50 geothermal energy sites in the state.

The State of Montana has more than 50 geothermal areas and at least 15 high-temperature sites. High-temperature areas in western Montana are located near Helena, Bozeman, Ennis, Butte, Boulder and White Sulphur Springs. There are seven locations with surface temperatures above 149° F, plus 20 locations with temperatures above 110° F. The estimated deep-reservoir temperatures for some Montana sites are over 350° F.

The principal Montana geothermal sites are located on the statewide geothermal map below. The sites listed below are linked to interactive topographic maps. The automatic connection with the maps allows the user to change map sizes, scales, center locations, and types of views.

Low- and moderate-temperature wells and springs can be found in nearly all areas of Montana. Site information includes location, flow, water and chemistry, as available.

While most of the dates back to the late 1970s or 1980s, it should be still interesting.

Source: Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)