Geothermal energy seen as solution for Tibet’s power shortages in the winter

Yangbajing geothermal power plant (Source: Panoramio)
Alexander Richter 26 Aug 2016

Geothermal energy could be the solution for power shortages in the mountainous region of Tibet during winter times, due to a large reliance on hydro power.

The Yangbajing geothermal power plant in Tibet is currently providing electricity to around 50,000 Tibetan households, so a recent report by CCTV.

Today, 43% of Tibet’s energy mix comes from renewables. With a strong reliance on hydro power, there are though power shortages in the winter, which makes geothermal an interesting source of electricity.

But there are challenges to the development operation of plants, due to the high altitude and difficult climate. From a development perspective, the rather large proportion of residential power demand in comparison to industrial use, provides smaller tariff revenues for power plants.

There is though a strong potential for geothermal power and there is an interest by private firms to invest. The government of Tibet is planning to double investments in generating capacity and grid construction over the next five years. Geothermal energy might be the solution.

See the video with some good footage from the Yangbajing plant here below.

Source: CCTV