Geothermal heat project in Schwerin/ Germany preparing drilling of second well

Geothermal heat project in Schwerin/ Germany preparing drilling of second well Drilling rig on site in Schwerin, Germany (source: Daldrup & Söhne AG)
Alexander Richter 29 Jul 2019

Local utility Stadtwerke Schwerin is now planning drilling of a reinjection well following the success of the first well drilled for the planned geothermal heating project for the city of Schwerin in the Northeast of Germany.

With the drilling results for its first well very promising for the geothermal heating project in Schwerin-Lankow in the Northeast of Germany.

The investigations of the cores already during the drilling phase allowed first conclusions on better results. Eventually, the drill stopped at 1,296 meters after piercing the brine-leading poster layer. There, the drill probably met exactly the middle of the approximately 62 m wide distribution channel, within the approximately 2500m wide meander belt, in which water-bearing sandstones have deposited. (see graphic1).

Due to the greater depth of the reservoir rock, the temperature of the stratified water in the formation is 56 ° C. Also, the thickness of the aquifer is 45 m above the geological forecast. The size and also the very high value of the permeability of the rock (permeability) will allow a higher flow rate. According to the geologists’ test, this is well above the expected 150 cubic meters per hour. Also the brine temperature exceeds the expectations. Instead of the predicted 50 degrees, there are even 56 degrees Celsius in the production well – a result that is ten percent above expectations.

As a result of this successful execution of the production well with its excellent assay results, the next step is the approval process for the injection well as well as the brine connection line.

First of all, the planning of the injection well is adapted to the results of the production well. For this purpose, a revision of the seismic results from the preliminary exploration of 2016 is carried out in advance in order to specify the forecast for the second well. Thereafter, the tenders for all technical services for the 2nd hole, the brine pipeline and for the surface-mounted plant construction. At that time, the already existing heat pump concept must be adapted to the actual parameters.

Parallel to the production of the injection well and the brine connection, work on the construction of the over-performing facilities is beginning. This includes the well room and the geothermal heating plant.

Source: Stadtwerke Schwerin, SVZ