Geothermal heating project tapping old mine to soon start operation in Northern Spain

Geothermal heating project tapping old mine to soon start operation in Northern Spain Llanes, Principado de Asturias, Spain (source: flickr/ asturzephyra, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 22 Jan 2021

Spanish Grupo Hunosa is to conclude work on a new geothermal district heating project tapping mine water in community in Asturia, Northern Spain.

Work on a geothermal district heating network from a geothermal well at Fonzón, in La Felguera, a municipality in Asturia, a region in Northern Spain, will conclude in March 2021. The project is being developed by the Hunosa Group, active in the energy and mining industries. Within the energy area, Hunosa owns a thermal power station and operates renewable energy projects.

The works for the installation of a geothermal network that, coming out of the Fondón well, brings air conditioning and sanitary hot water to various publicly owned facilities and homes in the La Felguera district will conclude at the beginning of March, as reported this Thursday from Hunosa and the Langreo City Council.

A recent visit took place in which the Minister of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion, Enrique Fernández; the president of the Hunosa Group, Gregorio Rabanal; the mayor of Langreo, Carmen Arbesú; the general director of Energy, Mining and Reactivation, Belarmina Díaz Aguado; the Councilor for Urban Planning of the Langreo City Council, Javier Álvarez; and directors of the Hunosa group.

The works of the geothermal energy district heating network from the water that floods the Fondón Well, in Langreo, represents the second geothermal project based on mine water promoted by Grupo Hunosa. In Mieres, the District Heating del Pozo Barredo provides air conditioning service to various public and private buildings.

The works, which began in July of last year and the expected completion date is March 1, have an award budget of 2 million euros and have the support of the European Union and the Government of the Principality of Asturias, that finance the project (EUR 2.3 million total investment) with EUR 1.1 million through Feder funds.

It involves the construction of a heat network to satisfy the demand for heating and sanitary hot water in buildings around the Pozo Fondón and La Felguera, through the geothermal use of the pumped mine water. In this first phase, the three shipment of the well shipment will be rehabilitated to house the geothermal generation plant, with a heat output of 1.5 MW thermal.

Source: 20 minutos