Geothermal industry association in the making in South Africa

Geothermal industry association in the making in South Africa Cape Town, South Africa (source: flickr/ dorena-wm, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 4 Apr 2011

Industry players and interested parties are exploring the option of creating a geothermal energy association in South Africa. While players consider geo-exchange technology as key focus, they shouldn´t forget geothermal power options in EGS and binary technology for South Africa.

In reports by local news, it is said that “Work has begun on the establishment of a South African Geothermal association, as local interest grows in this renewable-energy solution, spurred by increasing energy prices and a greater focus on sustainability issues.

WSP Green by Design sustainable design engineer Warren Gray explains that the objective of creat- ing an association is to provide a forum that is able to take lessons from other geothermal associations abroad, where the technology is mature and has been successfully used for decades.

He adds that the reputation of the technology needs to be upheld; therefore, the association will provide support to all those interested in geothermal energy and its application.”

While it seems that the focus of the association will be on geo-exchange technology (heat pumps etc), the stakeholders in South Africa shouldn´t overlook potential in EGS and lower heat binary technology, which could allow South Africa to also create geothermal power.

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Source: Engineering News South Africa