Geothermal marketing campaign in Geneva, Switzerland

Geothermal marketing campaign in Geneva, Switzerland Geneva - geothermal advertisement campaign (source: Alternative GVA, Instagram)
Alexander Richter 3 Oct 2021

An impressive marketing for the geothermal campaign by the city of Geneva and its public utility has been started managed and designed by advertisement agency Alternative.

An important campaign for the design agenecy Alternative in Switzerland is described in Swiss publication Cominmag.  The agency  won the tender with its pitch in March 2020 set to be set up then but postponed due to covid and now finally seeing the day of light.

The State of Geneva and city utility SIG have started a prospecting phase for a geothermal program, as we reported. In order to inform the population, these two public entities have chosen to launch a 360 ° campaign. The campaign can be experienced in street displays, on buses, in the CEVA tunnel, in cinema and in digital.

A 360 ° virtual reality film was also produced. It explains the course of the water: from the Jura summits, through underground rivers to the drilling areas has also been carried out. This VR experience can be enjoyed at Uni mail, in the “branded” information container, also designed by Alternative.

Geneva – geothermal advertisement campaign (source: Alternative/ Cominmag)

Source:  Cominmag