Geothermal Park – a popular tourism attraction in Yilan, Taiwan

Geothermal Park – a popular tourism attraction in Yilan, Taiwan Qingshui geothermal park, Yilan County/ Taiwan (source: flickr/ Wei-Te Wong, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 1 Apr 2019

With wells drilled in the 1970s, the Qinshui geothermal park is a popular tourism attraction in the North of Taiwan. Taipower and CPC are planning further geothermal exploration in the region.

A recent article published last month, introduces a tourist attraction in Northern Taiwan. The Quingshui Geothermal Park, formerly a workstation of the state-run Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC), which drilled exploratory wells in the area in 1976.

Following the drilling, the area has gradually become a famous tourist attraction. The area is located in the valley of the Qunishui River at the Datong Township in Northern Taiwan’s Yilan County.

With temperature ranging from 95 to 104 degrees Celsius, the water is hot enough to cook food, such as corn, eggs, taros, sweet potatoes etc. The park maintains well designed cooking facilities, as well as a relaxing foot spa with further facilities improvements under way.

State-owned Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) and CPC announced plans late in 2018 for geothermal exploration in Yilan County, with six exploration wells to be drilled by June 2021.

Source: VisionTimes