Geothermal project part of larger $600m investment plan in Bolivia

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia (source: flickr/ rewbs.soal, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 27 Jul 2015

The renewable investment plant aims to add 420 MW of green power and includes a geothermal power plant in Potosi.

Renewable power seems to be gaining traction in South America and Bolivia has big plans to develop green energy projects.

According to local sources, around $600 million will be allocated by Bolivia to develop 11 renewable energy projects up until 2020, the CEO of the National Electricity Company ENDE said. All these projects aim to add 420MW of renewable power to the national grid.

The plan entails solar, hydro and wind projects alongside with a new geothermal prospect, the ‘Apacheta I’, in Potosi.

Details are scarce but stay tuned for more updates soon.

Source:  El Deber