Geothermal resource reached at 2000 meters depth in Diyarbakir, Turkiye

Geothermal resource reached at 2000 meters depth in Diyarbakir, Turkiye Geothermal drilling operations at Diyarbakir, Turkiye (source:
Carlo Cariaga 7 Nov 2022

Geothermal water suitable for tourism and greenhouse heating has been tapped at 2000 meters in the municipality of Diyarbakir in Turkiye.

Exploration drilling at the municipality of Diyarbakir in Turkiye, a joint project by Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA), has detected a geothermal resource at a depth of 2000 meters. This is according to new shared by the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality on its official website.

We have previously reported on the start of this exploration drilling project. The Resource Development Department emphasizes that it will evaluate the geothermal spring water, which is revealed during the studies on an area of 4660 hectares, for tourism and agricultural purposes, depending on its mineral values and temperature.

60 degrees temperature at 2,000 meters

Diyarbakir Governor and Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Ali Ihsan Su, in a statement after the examinations, said that they were happy to find a thermal water source in the city.

Stating that as a result of the survey studies, the Metropolitan Municipality and MTA started the drilling works on June 8, 2022, Governor Su stated that according to the preliminary results, water at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius was discharged at approximately 2000 meters.

Planned to be used in thermal tourism, greenhouse cultivation, and heating

Governor Su noted that the mineral level of the water was high in the first analysis and that 25 liters of water were obtained per second and that the current situation may vary.

Governor Su spoke as follows on the subject: “I believe that the thermal water source we found here will provide very serious support to the development of thermal tourism, greenhouse activities, and heating in our city. I wish you good luck with the thermal water source we have already found in our city. Our work will continue rapidly from now on. We will have done these detailed studies, and analysis studies, all of them together with MTA. Then, I hope, we will build beautiful facilities and present them to the service of our country.”

The Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has shared a video clip (in Turkish) of the well testing operations and an interview with Mayor Ali Ihsan Su.

Source: Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler