Geothermal Wire Podcast – Weekly Geothermal News Overview from ThinkGeoEnergy

Podcast set up (source: flickr/ Patrick Breitenbach, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 2 Sep 2015

In our podcast series, The Geothermal Wire, we have now published the first of our weekly podcasts with an overview on all news we posted in the previous week and sent out with our weekly newsletter.

We are following up on a series of podcasts we published about a year ago with interviews we had been taken with several industry representatives and several interviews we took at the World Geothermal Congress and posted on YouTube.

Having thought about publishing an audio overview of our weekly news sent out every week to our global subscriber base of today around 3,500 for some time, we finally set it up.

The Geothermal Wire, will not only be the weekly news overview, but also feature interviews and other things. This geothermal news report features the news published on ThinkGeoEnergy and PiensaGeotermia August 25-31, 2015.




To download the actual podcast of September 2, 2015, here the file The Geothermal Wire Podcast (mp3)


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