German Bernried project expected to start drilling in August 2010

Alexander Richter 13 Feb 2010

The geothermal power and heating project at Bernried in Bavaria, Germany, is about to start construction of drilling pad, with drilling expected to start in August. The plant is expected to go online in 2012.

In local news, details were given about the progress of the geothermal project Bernried in Bavaria, Germany.

According to the piece, “The site for the first well of the proposed geothermal project Bernried and for the subsequent power station has been decided. After evaluation of extensive seismic surveys and site assessment of all relevant factors, the decision was made on an approximately 1.2 hectare property.

Construction of the drilling pad is expected to start already in the middle of may, with actual drilling planned for August 2010.

The decision was made after a geological investigation of the substrate through an extensive seismic program in the summer of 2009, and an evaluation of various alternative locations, for example with regard to their environmental impact, exploitable, and proximity to future buyers.

The mayor of Bernried was extremely satisfied with the outcome: “We are confident to have found this site an optimum compromise between the interests of citizens, the nature and the building owners. This is a good start to our domestic, renewable energy. ”

The environmental impact on the site is as little as can be, so Steigenberger and Lutz K. Steel, CEO of BE Geothermal project company. Existing roads can be used, and the natural terrain provides for good sound protection and keeps the plant mostly out of sight.

The first production well is expected to be completed at the end of the year, reaching a depth of 4,900 meters, providing hot thermal water with a temperature of approximately 150 centigrades and tap at a rate of about 125 liters per second.

After completion of a further production well and two reinjection wells towards the end of 2012, the combined heating and power plant is expected to be commissioned. The plant on site of “Höhenried West” will then provide 10.5 megawatts of electric power and about 14 megawatts of heating power.

The main customers for district heating will be the clinic and the community Höhenried Bernried, possibly the town Tutzing can be connected to district heating network. The electricity produced is fed into the public grid. The geothermal power plant will save about 50,000 tons of the CO2 emissions, and can supply about 15,000 households with environmentally friendly electricity.”

Source: German Geothermal Energy Association (in German)