Germany: Online Geothermal Information System (GeotIS) launched

Alexander Richter 8 Jun 2009

New German Geothermal Information System live online, providing a useful pre-feasibility assessment tool free of charge.

As announced last week, a “new Geothermal Information System for Germany (GeotIS)” was launched by the Leibniz Institute for Geophysics in the country.

Free of charge, the website provides  details about geological structures and physical parameter of the subsurface that are useful for the utilization of “deep” geothermal projects. Furthermore important data about existing geothermal installations can be called up.

Based on horizontal and vertical 3-D cuts, interested parties can easily evaluate the chances of utilization of geothermal energy. The system provide the basis for necessary feasibiity studies, which are prerequisite for any investment decision.

It simply is a shame that the system seems to be available in German, as it could easily be a sample for similar projects in other regions with geothermal potential.

Source: Energy Aktuell (site in German)