Green Energy Group receives equity infusion from WHEB Partners

Well at Menengai crater, Kenya (source: Suleiman Mbatiah)
Alexander Richter 12 Sep 2011

Norwegian Green Energy Group receives an equity infusion from London-based green fund WHEB Partners. Green Energy Group supplies small-scale geothermal power generation units, currently completing its first full-scale pilot plant in Kenya.

In news it is reported that “London-based green fund WHEB Partners has invested an undisclosed amount in Green Energy Group (GEG), a Norwegian supplier of small-scale geothermal power plants.”

GEG has developed tool kits-like geothermal plants that can be rapidly installed at the well-heads of proven geothermal resources. The investment marks WHEB’s first investment in Norway and is the tenth investment from WHEB’s second private equity fund.

GEG is currently completing its first full-scale pilot power plant in Kenya and says it has a significant pipeline of future projects.

“WHEB was attracted to GEG because we see enormous potential for the acceleration of demand for geothermal power, particularly in the developing world,” said WHEB Managing Partner James McNaught-Davis, in a prepared statement.”

In news from earlier in August, some concerns were reported regarding the set up of Green Energy Group’s units in Kenya. as reported by

The concept though is quite interesting. Taking the small scale binary model and apply it to flash turbines for higher heat resources. So one can only hope that the company can deliver on its promise.

Source: Green Energy Reporter