GreenFire Energy engages partner for business development in Indonesia

GreenFire Energy engages partner for business development in Indonesia City skyline Jakarta, Indonesia (source: flickr/ Charles Erbianco, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 10 Nov 2020

GreenFire Energy has signed an agreement with local partner Semesta Energi Services on business development in Indonesia.

In a release shared with ThinkGeoEnergy today, U.S.-based GreenFire Energy Inc. and Semesta Energi Services today announced that they entered an agreement where Semesta will act as a local partner in Indonesia. Semesta will secure and service business for specific accounts in Indonesia on behalf of GreenFire Energy.

Indonesia has one of the world’s largest geothermal resources with the potential of 23,965 MW. The country has a strong commitment to increase geothermal installations from 2,130 MW today to 8,008 MW by 2030. Energy companies are actively investing in geothermal projects and searching for technology to increase access and production of geothermal power. Based in South Jakarta, Indonesia, Semesta Energi Services has the capability to provide those innovative products and services for geothermal projects. Semesta was founded in 2011 by experienced energy professionals that built the business in Indonesia by delivering innovative products and technologies coupled with excellent execution. The company’s projects span the energy industry for conventional and renewable energy. Semesta has a strong track record with national energy companies, multinational firms, international/multilateral agencies, and the Government of Indonesia.

“Semesta Energi Services partners with companies for the most innovative technologies and services to apply to geothermal projects in Indonesia. GreenFire Energy’s technology has the potential to significantly increase geothermal energy production and is very attractive to energy companies and geothermal projects in Indonesia,” said Herman Huang, founder, Semesta Energi Services.

“GreenFire Energy GreenLoop technology has tremendous potential to access geothermal resources worldwide. To scale our business and accelerate geothermal installations we partner with companies that have access to some of the largest geothermal projects. Semesta Energi Services has the experience and technical capability to help us grow geothermal in Indonesia,” said Joseph Scherer, chief executive officer, GreenFire Energy Inc.

Semesta Energi Services is an integrated technology provider and system integrator focusing especially on the energy industry in Indonesia.

Source: company release by email