Guanacaste project could replace oil based generation

Guanacaste project could replace oil based generation Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica (source: flickr/ Lon&Queta, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 31 Jul 2014

The Costa Rican Guanacaste Geothermal project is ambitious and aims at making the country a 100% renewable energy generator and leave oil behind.

The Guanacaste geothermal project seems to be moving forward as reported by ThinkGeoEnergy and  is also a very ambitious project ion Costa Rica, not only for the three envisioned plants for said project, but for the benefits that might entail. The Tico Times informs in a recent article that “If all three plants are built, Costa Rica’s energy production could become 100 percent renewable.” This suggests that oil could be abandoned incurring in savings for the country’s economy and for the environment, due to lower CO2 emissions.

The same source also details that energy coming from oil based generation as been steadily decreasing since the 1990’s and the true aim would be to have a 100% renewable energy pool.

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Source: The Tico Times Website