Happy World Bathing Day – the comforts of geothermal energy for wellbeing

Happy World Bathing Day – the comforts of geothermal energy for wellbeing World Bathing Day 2020 (Instagram, World Bathing Day #worldbathingday)
Alexander Richter 22 Jun 2020

What better thing to do than sitting in a hot pot somewhere in nature or one of the many hot geothermal water fuelled spas around the world? So let's celebrate World Bathing Day.

Today is World Bathing Day, celebrated for the third time since its introduction in 2018. Theme of this year is Sunrise Bathing.

World Bathing Day is a global event shining a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s relationship with water for health, community and cultural purposes. The Day has participants engaging from all over the world, including: New Zealand, Australia, the Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, India, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, United Kingdom, Iran, South Africa and the United States of America.

This year the theme is Sunrise bathing … Get Involved by sharing a beautiful sunrise bathing image on Instagram! #worldbathingday

And what would be bathing without heat … yes it would be cold … and this is where geothermal is so connected to the comfort of being in the water, relaxing and the overall wellbeing.

From ancient times indigenious people all around the world made use of natural hot springs to bath, wash and relax. Taken to the next level by Romans and their bathing culture, today hot springs in all parts of the world are enjoyed by people of all ages in facilities that range from a natural hot pot, an abandoned bath tub, to the fancy spa temples of this world.

To see the different approaches to using geothermal hot springs and the set up is fantastic … in the end it is about enjoying what the earth has to offer and what better way to be closer to the natural resource of geothermal than a geothermal bath.

Learn more about World Bathing Day here.