Heating season starts with increased capacity of geothermal plant in Miskolc, Hungary

Heating season starts with increased capacity of geothermal plant in Miskolc, Hungary Miskolc geothermal heat plant, Hungary (source: MIskolci Geotermia)
Alexander Richter 25 Sep 2018

In time for the starting heating season, PannErgy closed maintenance work on its geothermal heating plant at Miskolc, Hungary.

In a report to the market, Hungarian PannErgy Plc announces that summer maintenance works of the geothermal heating plant of Miskolc have been closed in line with the plans – with the commissioning of the heat exchangers in Kistokaj after comprehensive conversion -, and now the system is available for the Company’s customers with full capacities. Concurrently with the maintenance works, activities to enhance pump performance were carried out, and as a result during the heating season the rate of heat delivery in the system will be approximately 20 m3/h, i.e. nearly 2% (12 TJ p.a.) larger than in the previous heating season.

In Miskolc, district heating services were launched on 29 September 2017, and based on the relevant legal regulations the heating season lasts from 15 September until 15 May.

Pursuant to the Operating Agreement made with the communities of residents, the district heat supply company of Miskolc automatically starts district heating services on 15 September in case the mean outdoor temperature remains under 10 °C for 1 days, or under 12 °C for 3 consecutive days. The communities of residents may ask for deviation from the date of the automated startup of heating in case all the condominiums belonging to specific district heating center give a written notice to this end to the district heating service provider.

In line with the foregoing, MIHÖ Heat Distribution Ltd of Miskolc today initiated fractionally district heating services for the heating season of 2018/19. In relation to district heating services in Miskolc, further up-to-date information can be found at the website.

Source: Company release