Hot springs and climate health officially a theme now in international tourism

Chongqing, China (source: flickr/ Xiquinho Silva, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 21 Oct 2018

A recent International Seminar on Hot Springs and Climate Health Tourism was held in BeiBei, Chongqing, China, bringing together e3xperts to discuss opportunities presented by geothermal energy for tourism.

Last week, China’s First International Seminar on Hot Springs and Climate Health Tourism was held in BeiBei, Chongqing. Hot springs and climate experts, scholars and related entrepreneurs came from various countries such as China, Italy, Russia, and Japan (in total approximately 350 attendees) came together to discuss the topic of hot springs and climate health and how to transform Chongqing into a hot springs travel destination.

This clearly fits into an increasing interest in geothermal hot spring tourism across the world, e.g. in Turkey, Kenya, U.S., Iceland and beyond. With origins back in Roman times and in ancient Asia, geothermal hot springs have been used for bathing, washing and even heating, clearly showing the fantastic opportunities presented by tapping into geothermal energy.

This seminar was held with the theme of “Assembling the World’s Next Hot Spring Capital, Hot Springs, and Climate Health Tourism.” During the opening ceremony, Zhang Yue, a secretary of the Zhongwen Association, stated that Chongqing is striving to develop the world’s first “Hot Springs Capital” brand, inviting the World Hot Springs Organization to build a Chongqing office and transform the city into a hot springs travel destination. Chongqing actively promotes this development of their tourist economy, and, in turn, paves a new road for the development of global hot spring tourism.

Throughout the seminar, Chongqing signed a number of hot springs and climate health tourism projects. These projects cover areas such as hot springs, leisure reports, and industrial research and utilization.

In addition to the brainstorming sessions, such as the expert lectures and guest dialogues, the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (Chongqing office), Chongqing Hot Spring Tour Association, Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Alliance and other institutions received awards.

17 experts in the field of hot springs and climate health care were officially hired as the first group of consultants for Chongqing hot spring and climate healthcare tourism during the meeting including Mr. Umberto Solimene, Mr. Giovanni Gurnari, Mr. Giorgio D’Alessandro, and Mr. Otsuka Yoshinori. Umberto Solimene, president of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy, read out the “Chongqing Consensus on World Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism”.

These experts will provide strong intellectual support for Chongqing to build a world-class hot spring tourist city and spa resort, and help the industry innovate with their cutting-edge academic philosophies.

Chongqing is rich in hot spring geothermal resources. At present, the known hot spring distribution area amounts to 10,000 square kilometers with 146 hot spring mines, 560 million cubic meters of geothermal water per year, and 400,000 cubic meters of scientific exploitable capacity per day. The current exploitable capacity accounts for only 20.2 % of the reasonable exploitable capacity. Chongqing was named the world’s first ” Hot Springs Capital” as early as 2012.

Beibei District, one of the top five hot spring tourism destinations in China, is known as the hometown of Chinese hot springs for its unique hot spring resources endowed by nature. Taking advantage of this symposium, Chongqing will speed up the building of “World Hot Springs Valley” and make every effort toward upgrading the “Hot Springs Capital”.

Source: Chongqing Tourism Development Commission