Hungarian geothermal heat and power plant expected to start operation in May 2017

Official kick-off of Turawell geothermal project in Hungary (source: Mannvit)
Alexander Richter 24 Jan 2017

The first combined geothermal heat and power plant in Hungary is expected to start operations in early May 2017, according to its developer KS Orka.

In a recent post, Chinese-Icelandic company KS Orka reports that the first two turbine units for its Hungarian geothermal project are ready for shipment.

The units will be shipped to Venice in Italy, from where they will be taken in six trailer loads to Budapest in Hungary.

As the company reports, the preparations for receiving the units are progressing well and commissioning of the plant is planned for early May 2017.

We reported before about the Turawell project, which is located near the Hungarian capital of Budapest with KS Orka as majority owner and developer of the project.

The plant is being developed as a combined geothermal heat and power plant, with an installed power generation capacity of 3 MW and a heating capacity of 7 MW.

Source: KS Orka