Iceland and Vietnam sign partnership agreement on geothermal energy

Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Vietnam sign geothermal cooperation agreement, Nov. 2015, Vietnam (source: Iceland President's Office)
Alexander Richter 5 Nov 2015

Iceland and Vietnam sign geothermal energy cooperation agreement during state visit by Iceland's President and Foreign Minister to Vietnam.

At a recent state visit by the President of Iceland to Vietnam, Iceland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs signed an agreement with its Vietnamese counterpart on a partnership in geothermal energy development.

Among various other topics, the ministers discussed an increased cooperation and the mutual interest in increasing the number of students from Vietnam in the United Nations University programs in Iceland, which includes the UNU Geothermal Training Program.

As part of the program, a conference was held today on “The Future of Clean Energy”, where the President of Iceland held a speech, as well as other representatives from Iceland and government and private company representatives from Vietnam.

At the same time a cooperation agreement was signed between Reykjavik University and the National University of Vietnam.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iceland