IGA Academy – Geo-energy for Petroleum Engineers, 10 Feb. 2020

IGA Academy Course promotion
Alexander Richter 11 Jan 2020

The IGA has published its course schedule for 2020, with great courses on offer among them "Geo-Energy for Petroleum Engineers", 10 February 2020.

The International Geothermal Association published the  IGA Academy Courses Schedule for 2020.  Visit the IGA Academy webpage to see what is on offer in 2020: This year IGA Academy will offer a wide variety of courses.

You can already register for the course ‘Geo-energy for Petroleum Engineers’ that takes place on 5-6 February 2020 in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. The registration closes 10 February, so claim your space today here:

Check out other courses: ‘Geothermal for Heating and Cooling’, ‘Geothermal for Project Development, Economics and Risks’ and other webinars.