Indonesian/ New Zealand academic geothermal cooperation

Indonesian/ New Zealand academic geothermal cooperation Business School, University of Auckland/ NZ (source: flickr/*rodney*, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 14 Jul 2010

Indonesian Gadjah Mada University and New Zealand's University of Auckland are cooperating on developing geothermal energy sources.

Indonesian “Gadjah Mada University has agreed to cooperate with New Zealand’s University of Auckland to develop geothermal energy sources.”, so news from Indonesia.

“Geothermal New Zealand Science (GNS), a research and education institution, will be involved in the project, which will transfer geothermal knowledge to UGM’s experts, said Tumiran, the dean of UGM’s Faculty of Technology.

“Indonesia has abundant geothermal resources but they have yet to be tapped optimally,” Tumiran said after the signing of the agreement on Monday.

Indonesia has turned to New Zealand to develop its geothermal resources because of the country’s advanced technology, Tumiran said.”

Source: The Jakarta Post