Inferred Resource estimated for Western Australia geothermal project

Inferred Resource estimated for Western Australia geothermal project Western Australia (source: flickr/ Dinaiz, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 5 May 2022

Strike Energy announces a mid-case estimate of 226 MWe after the Inferred Resource assessment of the Mid-West geothermal project in Western Australia.

Strike Energy (Strike) has announced the results of the Inferred Resource Assessment of the Mid-West Geothermal Power Project located in Western Australia’s Perth Basin. The resource has a mid-case estimate of 203 PJe of net electrical energy, or equivalent to 226 MWe of power generation for 30 years.

Last year, we reported on the conclusion of a 5-month heat needle survey by Strike in their geothermal acreage. The Inferred Resource was determined by incorporating the Perth Basin database with the Mid-West geothermal energy model that had been analyzed and interpreted by Strike’s consultants, Monteverde Energy Consultants and endorsed by EarthConnect Consultants.

With this development, Strike has applied to the regulator for a conversion of its Geothermal Special Prospecting Authority (GSPA) for the Geothermal Exploration Permit (GEP). The GEP will be for a 3513-sq. km. mapped area that corresponds to the location of the Inferred Resource as determined by the assessment.

Strike notes that the resource estimates are un-risked and incorporate a standard ORC binary power plant energy conversion factor of 13 to 15%. Further drilling, appraisal, and evaluation will still be done after the grant of the GEP to confirm the existence of commercially recoverable energy.

“The booking of this independently certified inferred resource for our proposed zero carbon Mid-West Geothermal Power Project is the first of a series of exciting milestones to come in proving a commercial development at this unique and highly complementary renewable asset.” said Strike Managing Director and CEO Stuart Nicholls.

“This resource booking will facilitate Strike planning the drilling of the proposed Future State-1 which will be the first physical test of the region’s Geothermal potential and was recently awarded a Clean Energy Future Fund grant.” added Nicholls.

Upon drilling of the proposed Future State-1 well, testing of the interaction and pressure dynamics of the Kingia Sandstone will be one of the major objectives. Once this testing program is planned, Strike will begin to assess the potential of future business development opportunities. After the testing phase, Strike will have the information needed to pursue the first stage of commercialization via pilot development.

We had previously reported on Strike’s plans of using geothermal heat for high-temperature electrolysis in green hydrogen production. This will then be supplied to a urea fertilizer production facility to manufacture low-carbon urea fertilizer. Such details were not mentioned in the latest announcement.

Source: Strike Energy