Interview: Argentina should push for geothermal development

Interview: Argentina should push for geothermal development Glacier Perito Moreno Pcia de St. Cruz, Argentina (source: flickr/ Riomanso, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 3 Nov 2014

Gustavo Racioppi provides insights via a local news interview on how to develop the geothermal potential and how to move forward in the industry in Argentina.

A local news source in Argentina provides an interesting interview done to Gustavo Racioppi, a local engineer that operates some of the most promising geothermal areas in the country.

The interview goes as follows:

Int: What is happening to the geothermal areas in the country?

Gustavo Racioppi: These projects, both located in Los Molles and one Peteroa require capital investment. While I have continued to do basic prospecting (geochemistry, sampling, analysis and imaging studies), many more have not been able to move forward because subsequent steps needed to make a strong campaign of geophysical and then drilling, probing and more to measure the geothermal gradient. We are still doomed to continue to search for capital, in order to move forward

Int: We know that Chile also shown interest in this resource.

GR : We’ve made ??more progress than Chile because we had a plan in place, we have a reservoir larger than any other South American country. But for political reasons this has not been developed. There was an attempt to make the company “Energy” go forward developing the geothermal power here, with which we had a contract with, ??but when the nationalization of YPF happened, they withdrew said contract.

Int: What should be done to attract investors and develop geothermal energy?

GR: In Chile, from the government’s perspective, the Geological and Mining Service should work by assessing the available resources and provide the results to investors. You have to do that, as well as participating in workshops, bringing specialists and encourage universities to make get into the industry. You have to participate in events to engage with all sectors, where potential investors and companies involved in the market are currently operating.

Int: You are framing this as a state policy as well as private actor action.

GR: You have to promote renewable energy as a whole and from the perspective that is most convenient. If Mendoza, solar has very good prospects, wind in the south and as far as geothermal, we have a very interesting potential, especially in the area of Peteroa.

Source: Jornada Online