Italian ORC supplier Turboden celebrates its 40th anniversary

Italian ORC supplier Turboden celebrates its 40th anniversary Velika Ciglena geothermal power plant by Turboden in Croatia (source: Turboden)
Alexander Richter 28 Feb 2020

We congratulate Turboden to its 40th anniversary. With a turbine business focused on medium-to-low temperatures, the company has been a trusted supplier to the geothermal market with 14 plants built and 2 under construction as of today.

We congratulate Turboden to its 40th anniversary. Italian ORC supplier Turboden has provided 400 plants in 45 different countries for the enhancement of energy efficiency and the valorization of renweable energy sources, contributing to the global reduction of CO2 emissions.

Here a statement by Joseph Bonafin, Sales & Business Director at Turboden:

It was the 27th February of 1980, when Turboden was born in Milano. At that time, the company’s founder Mario Gaia already had realized some prototypes of ORC in his home-workshop, following the research and development previously started in the sixties. That’s why I am always proud to state that we are pioneers of ORC technology! The first geothermal unit has been delivered to Zambia in the 1980s, and the first “MW” to Enel in the 1990s. It was 2009 when I joined Turboden. I was a young engineer inspired by the spirit of innovation of Turboden, and the vibrant enthusiasm of all the people working in the Company. Since then we have grown in a global market, thanks also to the world industrial leader Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a champion of geothermal.

The growth of the company was clearly driven by geothermal projects, with success in new challenges and larger capacity delivered: first Germany, followed by Japan, France, Turkey, Croatia, USA and El Salvador. These are just few important Milestones of a wider expansion that features as of today the presence of 392 Turboden ORC plants in 45 different countries.

We are now witnessing an interesting period, where de-carbonization is one of the most debated topics. Our product line has expanded towards large heat pumps and gas expanders, showing great resiliency and attention to the climate changes. Our mission at Turboden is to provide reliable and proven technological solutions for the enhancement of energy efficiency and for the valorization of renewable sources. Happy birthday Turboden, on behalf of all the geothermal team!”

“From the beginning it has been the story of a technical development, the story of an increasingly large and effective production and design structure. 

But above all it was a story of mostly young people, who shared the spirit of Turboden, gave their best, each in their own way.” Mario Gaia – Founder

The company has provided 14 geothermal power plants with a total installed capacity of 86.4 MW with the first delivery to a geothermal customer in 2001. Two geothermal plants are currently under development.

The company provides ORC-based technology suitable for the exploitation of medium-to-low enthalpy sources. It is a cost-effective solution with power outputs reaching up to 40 MWe per single generator for sources with water temperatures from 100 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees or higher.

Turboden has been a partner to ThinkGeoEnergy for many years.

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