JeotermalHaberler – JEOTERMAL HABER BÜLTENI/ our Turkish newsletter

JeotermalHaberler - our Turkish geothermal/ jeotermal news service's weekly newsletter
Alexander Richter 20 Feb 2020

Did you know we are also publishing weekly geothermal newsletters for the Turkish geothermal sector? Check out this week's edition via the link within.

ThinkGeoEnergy is bringing geothermal news to the world not only in English via our website, but also in Turkish on and in Spanish on

Both sites send out their weekly newsletter to their respective readership.

Reaching a targeted audience in in Turkey (and those speaking Turkish), the fastest growing geothermal market of recent years, the sites provide a unique opportunity to be visible. So if you are interested in exploring advertisement or engagement to share news, please don’t hesitate to contact us via

Our Turkish news service is led by Cannur Bozkurt, who is based in Izmir/ Turkey.

Here our weekly newsletter of this week in Turkish.


Snapshot of the JeotermalHaberler newsletter of February 18, 2020