Job: Field & Regulatory Engineer/ Geologist – oil, gas, geothermal – California/ U.S.

Job: Field & Regulatory Engineer/ Geologist – oil, gas, geothermal – California/ U.S. ThermaSource Rig 108, The Geysers (By: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 6 Nov 2018

The California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources' Northern District Office is seeking to fill a position of Engineering Geologist (EG) in function as a Field and Regulatory Engineer in Sacramento, California.

Under general supervision of the Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Supervisor) and guidance of the Associate oil and Gas Engineer, the Engineering Geologist (EG) functions as a Field and Regulatory Engineer within the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources’ Northern District Office.  Travel on-road and off-road to work locations will be required to be on a rotational 24-hour on-call basis.  In performing field inspection, the incumbent can be exposed to hazardous conditions and is required to carry H2S monitors to warn of H2S gas hazards. This position requires a high degree of knowledge and skill in reviewing and analyzing geologic reports as well as excellent data management and communication.

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

Specific Activities – essential and marginal functions

35% Inspection

Ensure oil, gas, geothermal, and gas storage operator’s compliance and adherence to operating practices by conducting field inspections and making notes of the process or procedures witnessed. Witness well construction operations including mudding and cementing operations; perform tests for the location and hardness and/or placement of cement plugs placed during the plugging and/or abandonment of wells; conduct injection surveys and casing integrity tests to ensure confinement of injection fluid to the intended zone and protection of fresh water and underground sources of drinking water zones.

Using computer-assisted techniques, analyze groundwater problems and spatially referenced data and provide estimates or hydro-geologic properties per Division guidelines. Conduct operational testing of blow-out prevention equipment per Division publication MO7 “Blowout Prevention in California” guidelines. Inspect and/or witness the installation, engineering, function, and/or modification to production facilities. Using the Division approved inspection list, conduct investigations including the design and implementation of field monitoring program that includes, field data collections and analysis. Prepare a report of findings to document the evaluation. Provide advice and assistance to develop an analysis of the environmental impacts of projects being investigated, facility design and to identify legal issues. Exercise independent judgement to determine if a facility is in compliance with Division statues, regulations and policies and to direct operators to perform remedial or corrective action when any problem is identified.

Assess and document the evaluation of injection wells and facilities for environmental hazards and other conditions specified in the regulations.

Assess and evaluate idle wells for environmental hazards and compliance with the statutes and regulations and compliance with the idle well program. Prepare a report of findings to document well and facility activities to be included in a well field, facilities data base and a computerized statistical report. View and photograph the wells and facilities to provide onsite direction for exploration drilling and well construction, foundation drilling, trenching and mapping. Utilize maps to locate wells and facilities and GPS units to plot surface locations of wells and facilities onto maps. Use computer-assisted techniques to complete reports, enter data, communicate between offices and operators, look up Division well data information, etc.; and other equipment to safely conduct well inspections and locate wells and associated facilities.

Other elements include: 25% Data Evaluation, 15% Data Maintenance, 10% Projects, 5% Vehicle Maintenance.

For full details see Duty Statement (pdf)

Source: California, Department of Conservation