JOGMEC solicits applications for geothermal investigation grants

JOGMEC solicits applications for geothermal investigation grants Onsen in Okuhida-Onsengo in Gifu, Japan (source: matcha-jp)
Carlo Cariaga 18 Nov 2022

JOGMEC is soliciting proposals for subsidy grants for geothermal exploration projects in Japan for FY2022.

The Japan Oil, Gas, and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) has recently published a document soliciting application for business expense subsidy grants for geothermal resource investigation projects. Links to the detailed regulations for the implementation of the grant can be found in the JOGMEC Geothermal website under the Subsidy grant section.

Although the solicitation call is for projects to be implemented in FY2022, applications will still be accepted on research plans that will carry forward to FY2023.

According to JOGMEC’s subsidy grant portal, the corporation provides support for high-risk initial surveys such as geological surveys, geophysical surveys, and well drilling surveys to confirm promising geothermal resources. In 2020, we reported on 24 projects being supported by JOGMEC under the FY2019 Research Project for Developing Resources for Geothermal Power program. An updated version of this list is available on the JOGMEC website, providing insight into the number of geothermal prospects currently being investigated in the country.

Source: JOGMEC