Journée romande de la Géothermie – Jan 29, 2019 – Lausanne, Switzerland

Journée romande de la Géothermie – Jan 29, 2019 – Lausanne, Switzerland Lake view, Lausanne, Switzerland (source: flickr/ Tristan Schmurr, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 21 Jan 2019

The 9th French Geothermal Day will be held January 29, 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland taking stock of geothermal project development in Switzerland and learn about technological progress.

The 9th edition of the French Geothermal Day, which will take place on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at the SwissTech Convention Center at EPFL / Lausanne.

This congress is always the ideal place to take stock of the progress of geothermal projects in Switzerland and to learn more about technological progress, but also a privileged moment to work on its network.

During the first part of the day, a focus will be made on the French-speaking projects, including the deep probe pilot projects in Lausanne as well as the geothermal ambitions of the city. Then there will be a large part dedicated to the GEothermie 2020 program of the Canton of Geneva.

After a lunch break everyone will have the opportunity to visit the technical facilities of SwissTech, where the participants will tackle more technical aspects: access to the resource and heat exchange. Following a conference on energy geostructures, you can learn more about new methods of drilling, including two techniques without contact with the rock.

Finally, remember that this event, which will conclude with a convivial aperitif, is made possible with the presence of partners whom the organisers warmly thank.

Source: Geothermie Schweiz