Karizma Energy and EGESIM sign contract for new 24 MW geothermal plant

Karizma Energy and EGESIM sign contract for new 24 MW geothermal plant Signing the agreement between EGESIM and Karizma Energy (source: EGESIM)
Alexander Richter 8 May 2018

Karizma Energy and EGESIM have signed a contract for the construction of a 24 MW geothermal power plant Kubilay JES-2 in Turkey, provided by Exergy.

Reported by our sister publication, JeotermalHaberler, geothermal developer Karizma Energy and EGESIM in Turkey have signed a contract on the construction of a 24 MW geothermal power plant for the Kubilay JES 2 geothermal power project. The plant itself will be delivered by Italian Exergy. EGESIM will also provide EPC services for the BOP of the wellfield.

This is the second such contract by EGESIM and we congratulate the Egesim Group and Karizma Enerji on this agreement.

Egesim also shared photos about the latest situation in the Buharkent Geothermal Energy Power Plant in the social media releases she published during the day. We will share with you the detailed information from the group.

EGESIM & ATLAS COPCO have been providing effective and efficient solutions for geothermal power plants since many years under the same roof of Experience, Expertise, Technology and Innovation.

To provide the most effective solutions for ORC Geothermal Power Plants (GEPP); The most advanced level of Radial Turbine Flow Technology with ATLAS COPCO’s Variable Input Guide Valve, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Optimization of EGESIM is integrated with the famous Electricity and Automation Solutions.

Within the business alliance, ATLAS COPCO offers Radial Turbine Flow Technology for ORC process design of optimized EGESIM for geothermal power plants.

With the local presence, experience and reputation in the geothermal power plant sector; EGESIM also offers services such as ORC plant, BOP (Supporting Plant System), electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, electrical and control components, ORC and BOP plant application software, mechanical equipment and pipelines, general supplies, construction, installation and operation . Companies actively offer proposals to Turkish and world market projects.

EGESIM will provide Engineering and Procurement Services (EP) or Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services (EPC) and Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) services to its customers.

Source: JeotermalHaberler, EGESIM via LinkedIn

Note: this is a corrected version of the article. In the previous text it was implied that the plant technology was to be supplied by EGESIM, while in reality the technology for the 24 MW JES 2 Kubilay geothermal plant will be provided by Exergy.