KenGen seeking to form geothermal board of consultants

KenGen management visiting GEG's plants, Olkaria, Kenya (source: Lydur Skulason)
Alexander Richter 18 Feb 2016

KenGen has started a recruitment process for a geothermal board of advisors, four international and two domestic, that are supposed to advise on exploration, development, drilling and management.

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) is reported to be planning to set up a geothermal board of consultants in its quest to continue developing geothermal power projects. KenGen has already started recruitment efforts for six consultants, four international and two Kenyan.

It is planned that the experts will advise KenGen’s management on geothermal development activities and power plants operations annually, subject to yearly renewal for a period of four years.

“Two of the six experts must be [domestic] experts. One local expert will be specialized in geothermal drilling while the other will be specialized in geothermal field exploration and development,” reads an expression of interest notice published by KenGen.

The experts will specifically advise KenGen on field exploration and development, drilling technology and management, geothermal power plant development and project management.

In the period from today to 2018, KenGen is seeking to increase its geothermal power production capacity to 1,260 megawatts, to support growing demand for electricity estimated to be 8 per cent annually.

Source: Daily Nation