KenGen urged to seek private funding for geothermal

Olkaria I Units 4 & 5 Geothermal Plant. Source: KenGen
Francisco Rojas 16 Jul 2015

Joint Ventures are the proposed strategy for KenGen according to Kenya's government suggestions, who is eager to complete power generation projects.

The Kenyan Government is urging KenGen to look for private funding and alternatives for fund in order to speed up the completion of new and ongoing power generation projects aiming at bolstering economic growth and bring more investors into the country.

Local news sources quote Energy and Petroleum Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge Wednesday saying that “KenGen has a good portion, about 900MW of the 5000MW. We are expecting more capacity from you,”

This year KenGen has added 280MW of power into Kenya’s grid and the government is eager to expand and increase the electricity supply.

“Because of the 280MW project, tariffs have reduced by between 25 per cent and 30 per cent based on the tariff regimes for various customers,” said Njoroge.

Source: Daily Nation