Kenya: Drilling to start at Silale geothermal plant early next year

Kenya: Drilling to start at Silale geothermal plant early next year 45 MW Olkaria I geothermal power plant, Kenya (source:
Alexander Richter 29 Apr 2011

Geothermal Development Company (GDC) expects that drilling at the Silale geothermal power project in the North Rift region of Kenya will start in early next year.

“Drilling for geothermal energy for generating electricity is set to begin early next year at the Silale Geothermal Station in the North Rift region”, so reported by All Africa.

“Geothermal Development Company’s North Rift manager Cornel Ofwona said the drilling is tentative to budgetary allocation in this year’s financial calendar. Ofwona said the company hopes to start clearing the road that leads to the plant in July following the disbursement of funds.

The project is seeking Sh3 billion which will cater for the roads and connection of water to the site. The Silale plant is among several upcoming geothermal projects in the country that are expected to bring down the cost of electricity in the country. Others are the Menengai Crater and Naivasha plants.

Speaking in Nakuru yesterday, Ofwona said a survey of the site will begin in July to pave way for the drilling. Currently engineers are still looking into scientific data from the site to come up with a road map initiating the project, the manager said.

The clearing of the road will open up the previously inaccessible regions of Paka, Korosi and Silale and provide water for the residents of the semi-arid areas.

“We are holding barazas with the community and the local administrators. So far, the feedback has been positive. The community knows that they stand to gain a lot form the project,” the manager said.

He said after the generation of geothermal power has begun, the company will aid the community in starting cooperatives which will use the heat generated from the plant to engage in industrial activities. “Amongst the activities we are looking into is meat processing and advancement of tourism in the region,” he said.”

Source: All Africa