Kenya: Short course on Exploration and Development of Geothermal Resources, Nov. 2019

Participants and organisers of short course, Nov. 2018 (source: UNU-GTP)
Alexander Richter 25 Sep 2019

UNU-Geothermal Training Program will hold a short course on exploration and development of geothermal resources in Kenya in collaboration with KenGen November 4-25, 2019 at Lake Bogoria and Lake Naivasha in Kenya.

The United Nations University (UNU) Geothermal Training Program (GTP) and KenGen will be hosting SDG Short Course IV on Exploration and Development of Geothermal Resources during 4-25 November 2019, at Lake Bogoria and Lake Naivasha in Kenya.

Participation in the short course is by invitation only. The course is mainly aimed at young professionals from Eastern Africa and other African Rift Countries with a diploma or a degree in chemistry, physics, geology (earth sciences), environmental science or engineering, who have been actively involved in geothermal energy research in the home country or are potential candidates for that in the near future. Attendance will be limited to individuals below 35 years of age. Female participation is encouraged in support of SDG nr. 5.

Organization is in the hands of:

  • Ingimar G. Haraldsson, Deputy Director, UNU-GTP (
  • Josephat Kebu, Chairman, KenGen (
  • Peter Ndirangu, Secretary, KenGen (

For further information please contact one of the above.

The announcement for the Short Course can be seen here!

Source: UNU-GTP