Kenyan farmers set to enjoy geothermal in their crop production

Tea pickers at work in Kenya (source: flickr/ Neil Palmer (CIAT), creative commons)
Alexander Richter 8 May 2019

Farmers in the county of Nakura in Kenya are about to be able to tap geothermal to support crop production, farming, and food processing fuelled by wells of GDC.

Farmers in Nakuru County, Kenya are about to be able to tap into geothermal energy to help in crop production, as reported by FarmBiz Africa. This is part of a partnership between Geothermal Development Company (GDC) of Kenya and the country’s Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries department to incorporate geothermal energy into the farming in the region.

Geothermal will be used as a reliable and cheaper electricity source, and additionally for heat and steam for greenhouses and food processing.

Kenya has been pushing food security and sees geothermal as a vital support for this strategy. GDC plans to drill additional wells in farming areas in the region to allow for the utilisation of geothermal energy as source for heating for greenhouses, in milk pasteurization, laundry, leisure, and recreation.

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Source: FarmBiz Africa