Koyuncu Group has completed Turkey’s most modern greenhouse

Koyuncu Group has completed Turkey’s most modern greenhouse Koyuncu greenhouse operations (source: company)
Alexander Richter 14 Mar 2022

With geothermal as key source of energy, Turkish Koyuncu Group set up Turkey's most modern greenhouse operations in Afyonkarahisar province.

Koyuncu Group, which invests in soilless agriculture with modern automation systems, started production in a 100-decare geothermal heated technological greenhouse in Afyon, so the company in a release last week.

Celebrating its 55th anniversary, Koyuncu Group started production with its 120 employees in its new investment, a 100-decare (ca. 25 acres) geothermal heated modern technological greenhouse located in Sandikli district of Afyonkarahisar province. In the modern greenhouse, where a total of 300 km of pipes are used and 300,000 seedlings are planted in the project, natural cluster tomatoes are produced using the soilless farming method. The first crops began to be harvested in February.

Hydroponics and Natural Production with Bumble Bees

The Koyuncu Greenhouse team, which produces with the soilless farming method with the most modern automation systems in the greenhouse, not only ensures that the nutrients needed by the plants are given through the prepared solution, but also obtains a higher quality, long-lasting and productive product without the need for soil. Fertilization processes of plants are carried out by bumblebees with completely natural methods. With the full automation system, healthy products are obtained by providing ideal air conditioning for the plants.

Tomatoes in greenhouse operations (source: Koyuncu group)

Koyuncu Grup Agricultural Group President Merve Turgut: “Our goal is to export quality and healthy products at European Standards”

Stating that as Koyuncu Group, they continue their investments in different sectors, Koyuncu Group Agricultural Group President Merve Turgut said: “We have once again realized how important exports are for our country. Tomato is one of Turkey’s most important export vegetable products. Tomato is an indispensable agricultural product for reasons such as being on almost every table and having a long shelf life. We plan to produce 5 million kg of tomatoes per year in our greenhouse and export a large part of it. All European countries, mainly Germany, Netherlands and England, are among our target markets. Stating that they have made an investment of approximately TL 81 million, Merve Turgut said, “We completed the project, which we started in May 2021, on time, despite all the adverse market conditions, and we completed the seedling planting that we started in November 2021, in December. To the General Manager of Koyuncu Greenhouse, Mehmet Hanifi Fidan and his team, who contributed a lot to the realization of the project on time, to Mehmet Ayyildiz, Chairman of the Board of By Asia Agricultural Consulting, who gave us professional support in all the technical details and design of the project, and also to us by completing the construction in a short time like 6 months. Gen Grup Yatirimlari A.S. Thank you to your staff.”

Merve Turgut, Head of Koyuncu Group Agriculture Group (source: Koyuncu Group)

Koyuncu Greenhouse General Manager Mehmet Hanifi Fidan: “Despite the adverse winter weather conditions, February was a fruitful month.”

“As Koyuncu Greenhouse team, we operate with a total of 120 employees, who are expert agricultural engineers and technical personnel. Despite all the adverse weather conditions experienced in the winter months this year, we continued our production without being affected in any way by taking advantage of our experienced and competent human resources and our facility to have the latest system equipment and equipment. In February, we achieved our 24,000 kg tomato production target as 101,000 kg. This made us very happy.”

Another aspect of this investment that makes us happy is that it contributes to women’s employment. About 100 of our 120 employees are women. We learn a lot from them as we give them continuous training. We wish this new investment to be beneficial for our country in every aspect.”

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