KS Orka mobilising drilling rig to Sokoria geothermal project, Indonesia

Drilling rig en route to the Sokoria project, Indonesia (source: KS Orka)
Alexander Richter 12 Sep 2017

KS Orka reports the mobilisation of a drilling rig to its Sokoria geothermal project.

KS ORKA is mobilizing a 1500 hp drilling rig to the Sokoria Project site on the Island Floris. The drilling rig is owned by Asia Petrocom Services and drilling works will be performed by a JV APS – Lekom Maras with Halliburton. This is the third drilling rig mobilized by KS ORKA in Indonesia.

KS Orka acquired the project in September 2016 from Bakrie, as we reported then.

Source: LinkedIn via Eirikur Bragason