Landau geothermal plant targets updates and 3rd well

Landau geothermal plant targets updates and 3rd well Landau geothermal power plant, Germany (source: Claus Ableiter, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 14 Nov 2021

Plans have been reported that see an update to Landau geothermal plant and the possibility of the drilling of a third well on site.

Local news from Germany report that the procedure for the possible renewal of the geothermal power plant in Landau in southern Rhineland-Palatinate,  Germany is ongoing. The State Office for Geology and Mining recently announced that no environmental impact assessment (EIA) is required for the drilling  of a third well for the plant.

Lord Mayor Thomas Hirsch regrets this decision. However, he also makes it clear that, contrary to press reports to the contrary, the waiver of an EIA should not be equated with a permit for the planned third well or the planned modernization of the above-ground power plant structures.

According to current information from the administration, the responsible state authorities have not yet received any further application documents for a third borehole or for a renewal of the power plant. In the most recent meeting of the city’s main committee, the mayor’s proposal that the city include external expertise for the anticipated approval process was approved. The city will now seek experts that can accompany the likely permitting process.

“As far as we know we as a city are not a licensing authority, we still want to attract experts who will accompany the approval process and explain to us as a city, in particular, technical relationships and point out conceivable alternatives that we can offer in the interests and interests of our citizens can contribute to the coordination processes, ”said Hirsch.

In the end, this expertise should flow into the city’s own legal position – and also into the city’s decision as to whether and to what extent the city’s land or public areas are to be made available for drilling or power plant renewal. The administration will now submit a proposal to the committees for the selection of experts and provide funds for accompanying the process in the budget.

Source: MRN News,