Large geothermal potential from old coal mine in Nova Scotia

Large geothermal potential from old coal mine in Nova Scotia Main Street in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada. (Source: Wikimedia Commons, Taken by: SimonP)
Alexander Richter 9 Oct 2017

An old coal mine in the town of Springhill in the province of Nova Scotia/ Canada provides great opportunities for geothermal heating.

The Springhill, Nova Scotia geothermal heating system from an abandoned coal mine in the community is something we have been writing about before.

Having recently hired a group to estimate the potential of geothermal energy utilisation in Springhill, the Cumberland Energy Authority recently held an energy symposium to discuss opportunities and challenges with the town’s geothermal system.

Tasked with heading a team to build on the research on the underground system, Devin MacAskill, an energy expert from Cape Breton University, says that “… people don’t realize the resource they’re sitting on.”

In Springhill, old abandoned mine reashafts were flooded with underground water and this water is then pumped to the surface. There it goes through heat exchanges for a heating system.

The hot water from the mines is sufficient enough to heat residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the municipality.

Source: CBC