Lithium & Geothermal – resourceful documents presented at California Workshop

Salton Sea geothermal & mineral resources (source: Presentation by BHE Renewables)
Alexander Richter 19 Nov 2018

The California Energy Commission has published the resourceful presentations by Bloomberg New Energy Finance and BHE Renewables/ CalEnergy from the recently held Workshop on on Lithium Recovery from Geothermal Brine.

The California Energy Commission has published the presentations of the recently held Workshop on  on Lithium Recovery from Geothermal
Brine Questions.

The event featured two panels, Panel 1 on Technical and Economic Challenges, and Panel 2 on Funding Priorities and the Role of Government.

Panel 1: Technical and Economic Challenges

In this session, technical and economic challenges that need to be overcome to expand production were discussed, among them:

  1. What are the current technological limitations for lithium production from geothermal brine?
  2. Do the economics make sense for growth in lithium recovery from geothermal brine at this time?
  3. What are the physical and economic challenges in bringing California-sourced lithium through the processing stage and ultimately to end users?
  4. Is there an opportunity to localize processing, treatment and end uses?
  5. What are the negative and positive impacts associated with lithium recovery from geothermal brine and related activities that should be considered?

Panel 2: Funding Priorities and the Role of Government

In this session, priorities for policy and financial support of the lithium recovery process and the appropriate role of government at this stage were discussed with among others:

  1. What would an eco-industrial development model built around this resource look like when done right?
    • What infrastructure is needed to support lithium recovery, processing, and transport?
  2. What do technology developers need at this stage?
  3. What do marketers and end users see as the next step for sourcing sufficient lithium to meet demands?
  4. What is inhibiting investment into lithium extraction from geothermal brine and what do investors and other stakeholders need to proceed with investing?
  5. How can government support development of lithium recovery at this time?
    • What can and should be done at the local and state levels to support development?
    • Are there ways to improve how mineral rights, water rights, and land leases are addressed?
  6. Are there research or funding priorities that can address technical and economic challenges?

The presentations can be downloaded here below:

Source: California Energy Commission