Mexico’s CFE and France to cooperate on implementing ORC units at geothermal fields

Mexico’s CFE and France to cooperate on implementing ORC units at geothermal fields Los Azufres III phase 1 plant, Mexico (source: video screenshot)
Alexander Richter 10 Dec 2020

An agreement has been signed on cooperation between France and Mexico's state power company CFE to study the feasibility of utilising residual heat at geothermal fields in Mexico for power generation utilising ORC technology.

State-owned utility and power company CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) has signed a cooperation agreement with the French embassy in Mexico to develop geothermal energy. The agreement will explore the use of binary cycle technology with resources from the French government’s Study Funds and Assistance to the Private Sector (FASEP).

The government of France, through its Ministry of Economy and Finance, operates FASEP with the aim of promoting and supporting technical cooperation with public entities from emerging countries and economies through funds to promote the participation of French companies in the preparation of studies. and implementation of projects in selected countries.

With these studies, the CFE will know the technical and economic feasibility of implementing binary cycle power generation units, also known as the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), taking advantage of the residual heat in its geothermal fields in commercial operation, with the aim of improving energy efficiency and increase the geothermal generation capacity of the company.

The study is scheduled to be carried out from 2021, with a duration of 18 months, by various French specialists in the field and with the participation of CFE personnel and the exchange of information necessary to comply with the terms of the collaboration.

During the meeting, two documents were signed. Ambassador Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian and CFE CEO Manuel Bartlett Díaz signed a diplomatic note for the launch of the feasibility study for the implementation of binary cycle technology in CFE’s geothermal fields.

In addition, Carlos Morales Mar, CFE’s Corporate Director of Operations, and Bruno Hervert, director of SUEZ, signed the collaboration agreement between both companies.

The CFE and the French embassy in Mexico are pleased to cooperate in the Mexican energy sector, convinced that it will be the beginning of various collaborations in the matter.

Source: LaJornada