Mendoza province in Argentina highlights geothermal potential

Salta, Los Cardones National Park, Argentina (source: flickr/ vtveen, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 19 Sep 2012

The regional Minister for Infrastructure and Energy of the province of Mendoza in Argentina has highlighted his province's geothermal potential after a visit to Iceland and Germany.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy of the Mendoza province in Argentina, highlighted the province’s potential for geothermal energy development, which would provide electricity to isolated and remote distribution center.s

The Minister Rolando Badasso participated in a mission orgaized by the Interprovincial Council of Ministers of Public Works (CIMOP), who visited Iceland and Germany.

The official said the Icelandic experience, with great development of geothermal energy, could possibly be extended to regions in Mendoza.

There are – so the Minister – 14 geothermal areas, the department of Malargue has active volcanoes, and there are other regions of the province that have the potential to utilize geothermal energy.

Source: Terra (in Spanish)