Montserrat geothermal project starts early market engagement

Drilling site of MON-3 geothermal well in Montserrat, Caribbean (source: Bastien Poux)
Alexander Richter 21 Nov 2017

The geothermal project on Montserrat in the Caribbean is starting an open early market engagement process, aimed to gather information and proactively seek to connect with public-private partners to move the project forward.

Last week, the Montserrat Geothermal Project started a process of early market engagement. With that process the project proactively seeks to connect with public-private partners to move the project forward.

In a first meeting the project developer met with Mr Francesco Oppici of Exergy, as part of an information gathering process, both for those taking part in the EME, and also for those working on bringing geothermal on-stream on Montserrat.

Mr Oppici, whilst on Montserrat, met with Hon Minister with Responsibility for Energy, Paul Lewis, and also Project Manager Mr Owen Lewis. He met with other key figures from MCWEL to include Mr Felix Persaud, and Mr Rawlson Patterson, and other government and technical related officials, all instrumental in moving the geothermal project forward. Also on the visit with Mr Oppici were key staff from the Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL) such as Manager Mr Kendall Lee and other Senior staff members who are all pivotal to the Geothermal Energy project on island.

Francesco took part in a press conference, where he shared more information and insight into his trip to Montserrat to participate in the EME. Also in the press conference were Hon Minister Paul Lewis and International Project Manager, Owen Lewis.

The interview can be listened to here below:

Source: MNI Alive