Munich utility contracts additional drilling work for ambitious geothermal heating project

View over Munich, Germany (source: Praxisforum Geohtermie.Bayern/ Enerchange)
Alexander Richter 9 Apr 2018

The city utility, Stadtwerke München (SWM) has signed contract for the drilling of additional two wells for its ambitious geothermal district heating project, bringing the total to up to 6 wells to be drilled.

German drilling and geothermal energy firm Daldrup & Söhne AG has a received a major additional order for the extraction of geothermal energy from Munich-based energy provider Stadtwerke München (SWM). The order carries a value in the upper single-digit million EUR range. The additionally commissioned drilling for a doublet (production and injection well) is connected to the drilling work commissioned by SWM in the spring of 2017. The planned wells will be drilled to a depth of 4,000 metres. Preparations for the initial two doublets are currently underway on the site of Munich’s oldest conventional thermal power station HKW South, which is located in Munich’s Sendling district. Drilling is projected to start within the next couple of weeks. The plan is for the new geothermal plant to produce approximately 50 MW of environmentally friendly district heating for around 80,000 households in the city of Munich. The new plant is expected to go online in 2020.

The drilling of now six geothermal wells to be undertaken by project partner Daldrup & Söhne are part of SWM’s ambitious plan to make Munich Germany’s first major city to generate 100 percent of its district heating from renewable energies by 2040. The biggest portion of that heating is to be generated by hot thermal water. Munich is located on top on top of vast supplies of this environmentally friendly energy source, which is contained in easily permeable layers of limestone that are part of the geological layers underneath the city.

Source: TiefeGeothermie.de4 Traders