New 49 MW expansion planned for Greeneco geothermal plant, Turkey

New 49 MW expansion planned for Greeneco geothermal plant, Turkey Greeneco geothermal plant, Turkey (source: Greeneco Enerji)
Alexander Richter 25 Nov 2021

Turkish geothermal operator and developer Greeneco Enerji has announced plans for a 49 MW expansion of the Greeneco geothermal plant complex in Sarayköy, Denizli area in Turkey.

Turkish Greeneco Enerji, established in 2012 to meet Turkeys’ energy needs by harnessing local renewable resources, sought the best solution to exploit their geothermal resource located in Sarayköy – Denizli area.

The Greeneco geothermal plant complex in Denizli, consists of 6 geothermal power generation units built in three stages. The first three units with each 12.8 MW of capacity were set up in 2016. In the second phase 2x 12.8 MW and one 23 MW unit were added. The 6th unit with a capacity of 26 MW was then added in 2020 bringing the total installed power generation capacity to 106 MW.

Now the company has announced the plans to add a 7th unit to add 49 MW in capacity to the plant (JES-7). The planned investment value is TRY 978 million (approx. $80m as of Nov 25, 2021). With the seventh power plant to be established by the company, it is expected to increase its total installed power to 155 MW.

Greeneco Energy was established in March 2012 with a 50% partnership between Saray Holding and Acarsan Holding. By entering the geothermal field tenders opened by MTA right after its establishment, it not only included areas such as Denizli-Sarayköy and Bolu-Seben with the highest electricity generation potential, but also the tourism paradise Köycegiz, Dalyan, Fethiye, Silifke and its location. As of today, it has included valuable areas such as Konya-Karap?nar in terms of tourism and greenhouse cultivation.

Source: Enerji Gunlugu via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler