New project aims to bring geothermal heating to Kosice, Slovakia

New project aims to bring geothermal heating to Kosice, Slovakia Kosice, Slovakia (source: flickr/ Jordi Masagué, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 7 Oct 2021

Local company Geotherm Kosice is planning a new effort on bringing geothermal heating to the city of Kosice in Slovakia.

Local news report on new ambitions to bring geothermal heating to the city of Kosice in Slovakia. The plans foresee the supply of geothermal heat to the city produced by the Kosice Heating Plant (TEKO) in in 2026.

“We are convinced that the Geoterm project for Košice is realistic and feasible. It is closely linked to the strategic decision to close the coal operation in Kosice, and in this context we attach great importance to the project. Our ambition is to start supplying the first geothermal, and therefore emission-free, heat in 2026, “, so Milan Habán, CEO of TEKO.

The geothermal zone located near the regional town in the Durkov area is one of the best in Slovakia. Three exploratory wells were drilled there in 1998 and 1999. We previously reported on the potential and earlier plans on making geothermal development happen in Kosice.

The water temperature at a depth of about 3,000 meters reaches 135 degrees Celsius at the mouth of the wells. So far, however, this resource has remained untapped. Geoterm Kosice is the holder of the exploration area and the owner of geothermal wells.

Habán confirmed that TEKO has a document signed with this company defining the key milestones and technical parameters of the project.

“We have never been closer from ambition to realization. However, I would like to emphasize that, despite our determination and the great support of the Ministry of Economy and the Kosice self-government, implementation will be conditional on obtaining non-repayable financial resources. At the moment of closing the issue of financing, we want to be ready for implementation, “said the CEO.

The Kosice heating plant is negotiating the heating of the city from the geothermal source. The largest shareholder of Geoterm Kosice with a share of almost 96 percent is SPP Infrastructure, which is owned by the state-owned Slovak Gas Industry (SPP) and the energy group EPH.

“We are really counting on the fact that the first geothermal heat to Kosice should take place in 2026. Of course, we would like this date to be earlier. Geoterm Kosšice expects to drill another three deep wells in the Durkov locality by that time, “said Gabriel Beer, an advisor to the Board of Directors of SPP Infrastructure.

TEKO itself is currently studying the details of the original projects to build a roughly 20-kilometer-long heat pipe from the heat exchanger station at geothermal wells.

“Representatives of Geotherm Kosice also started negotiations on the support of financing from European funds. A special effort is to obtain support from the Fund for Fair Transformation, which should help ecologically burdened regions with the transition to a climate-neutral economy, “added Beer.

The investment will require tens of millions of euros.

According to Geotherm Kosice, the usable amount of geothermal energy in the Durkov locality represents a maximum thermal output of 35 MWt. The functionality of these underground collectors is currently estimated at a minimum of 40 years. If higher heat consumption in the city is needed, the heating plant would add energy through its natural gas units.

The Ministry of Economy (MH) of the Slovak Republic declares that it is interested in the greatest possible use of geothermal energy and is looking for opportunities to support the Kosice project from EU funds.

The project is also supported by the mayor of Kosice Jaroslav Polacek (independent) with the proviso that the main advantage for the inhabitants would be more ecological heat.

“At the same time, the operations of other companies connected to this heat source could be established nearby, thus creating new jobs,” he said in the past.

Source: Korzár Kosice